Unfetter IT v3.0

Could we conceive of a scenario when the Governments of the world work towards a massive and concerted IT based collaboration in order to build and provide solutions to global problems (of which business problems are only a subset)?

Pondering over the above question posed in the earlier post; What about the bilateral free trade agreements? Isn't that a cause based collaboration? Why can't, on similar lines, massive IT based collaborations happen? The IT's proven abilities to solve problems and the fact that it has become a way of our present life couldn't be more stark.

The potential, indispensability and ubiquity which IT commands today shouldn't be fettered at the alter of unlimited (and sometimes indiscriminate) Patents.

Monitor Debian server with monit

Monit is a system monitoring utility which allows an admin to easily monitor files, processes, directories, or devices on your Debian system. It can also be used for automatic maintenance/repairs - by executing particular commands when errors arise. To ease administration monit provide a web based monitoring interface, with SSL support.

To install monit in to your Debian server, Simply use apt-get:

#apt-get install monit

Once installed, you'll find the main configuration file located at /etc/monit/monitrc. Below is sample global configuration file, which will also explain some keywords. for more information do man monit


Information and Installation Of Unity (A Lightweight Netbook Interface) Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop

There are lot of news around Ubuntu Light and Unity, I have tried to gather  most of information about it. It's general and floating around Internet, I have tried to make it on one stop . Also covered Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition Installation on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), hope you like the desert :).

Q: What is Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition?

A: A Lightweight Netbook Interface for Netbooks / Desktops.

Q: That's ok! But, Can you give details?

A: Here is bunch of links that will help you to get up-to-date about Unity Ubuntu Netbook Edition, Ubuntu Light.

Connecting your Linux server to the network

This article has been published on DeveloperIQ in 2001

Living without networks has become next to impossible now. All of us use the networking aspects of an operating system some time or the other - in our office, for emails, while dialing to the internet etc. But very few of us get down to what it takes to configure networking.

Indian Rupee Symbol Support In Ubuntu with Keyboard Mapping With “AltGr + 4" and “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard Layout

Ubuntu is the first OS which supports Indian Rupee Symbol, Since release Of Ubuntu 10.10. Here is the one fact that nobody can type Indian Rupee Symbol without support of font. So font should have Indian Rupee Symbol in it. By default Ubuntu 10.10 is coming with that. So, it will make easy for your OS to display Rupee Symbol and copy paste of it, but typing of it is tricky, you can use Ctrl + Shift u2b09. But it would very hard for anybody to type frequently with above key combination. Also, it is very tricky add key combination with some hack. But now onwards it would be de-facto :) .